A Sacred Place Of Kings

We are not surprised that King Rama the V choose Phrayha  Nakhon as a place for resting and retreat. If I had some special powers I would conquest this place and declare it “Only mine”.

A beautiful and quite easy path by the coast drove us to a nice beach. We enjoy the breeze coming from the sea while contemplating the amazing views. From there we got to the mountain through a tiny forest under the watchful eyes of monkeys that suspiciously welcomed us to their territory.

The hike was shorter that we originally thought. After reading some reviews on Internet posted by some people who visited the place we thought that we were going to hike Mount Everest!

We got to our destination almost effortlessly. While we were still thinking that we needed to move our butts for a bit more to get to the cave, suddenly we saw it. In front of our eyes an extraordinary and breath taken rocky formation welcomed us and presented the Kingdom of light and magic. The sunlight shined thought an open hole in the ceiling and at exactly 11 am it illuminated the temple in the same way as shat of light shines on an artist on stage. The minimalist wooden construction and the force of nature together transformed the place into something completely mystic. No in any other place we have experienced such peaceful sensation as in Phraya Nakhon. We didn’t want to leave! And when we did, we resisted like a child whose hand is pulled by its parent from something it’s absorbed by and does everything to enjoy the moment for a tiny bit longer.

There have been so many places we have already visited on our journey to Ithaca but this one will strongly remain in our memory, without a doubt. Phraya Nakhon, you are unique!