Market Day

Beep beep... Train is coming! Quick, quick take the goods out of the railway track and fold awnings because the locomotive cannot wait!

This is daily scenery in Mae Klong Market where transport and food share the same space. Locals are fast as hell to continue with their business activity once the train has passed.

A few seconds is enough to go back to normal operation. This amazing event makes you wonder whether it was reality or just a dream.

We felt like kids waiting for the train, were excited imagining how it was going to look like. Finally the train arrives and we are not disappointed. Definitely, we haven't contemplated anything like that before and we are not sure if we will see it again!

10 minutes spent in a characteristic public transport was enough to get to our second destination, a floating market called Amphawa. It's Sunday and the place is packed mainly with locals that come to overload their stomachs with fresh seafood and loads of Thai delights. Despite the fact that we have already been to another floating market (those places are quite common in Bangkok) we still found it incredible and unique!

Have a nice day fellas!

Happy deal:

  • BTS to Victory Monument: depends of your location, in our case 42 bahts per person.
  • Mini Van Victoria Monument to Maeklong 70 bahts per person..
  • Public transport from Maeklonh to Anphawa 8 bahts per person.
  • Minivan from Amphawa to Victoria Monument: 80 bahts pp.
  • Total expending for activity: 200 bahts per person!

Total cost per person 400 Bahts.