Touching the Sky

Bangkok is a city full of skyscrapers and it is not difficult to end up an evening watching the sunset from 58th floor.

What we couldn’t imagine that our viewing spot will be on the top of an unfinished block of concrete, product of a massive recession that hit the country between 1997 and 1998.

320 of unfinished buildings was the results of this recession that overwhelmed the country. Fortunately for us, one of this incomplete giants was just a 10 minutes walk from our hostel. Following recommendations of our mates, we found this sport and went there with a bottle of wine to propose Robert’s name day.

More than 900 steps were definitely worth the effort when we finally sat down to contemplate a mind-blowing scenery.

A magical sunset, a magical moment hard to be forgotten and especially the 100 of pics that we took during the whole stay there… haha…

Another night of our adventure, another night of touching the stars…